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Fill out the quote form on our website or call us directly at 855-PETLIFT (738-5438)


Sign our transport agreement contract with the link we send you. The contract is filled out online and signed with an e-signature.


Health certificates are required by law for all pets being transported. You can obtain a health certificate by taking your pet to a veterinarian where they will perform a check-up on your pet. The cost for these certificates normally range from $25USD-$100USD depending on your geographic location. All pets must be at least 8 weeks of age to travel.


We will do everything from here. We will be in contact with both pickup and delivery locations to setup estimated dates of pickup and delivery. All we ask is that the same food that the pet currently eats be sent with the pet. We supply everything else. During the route, we send pictures and videos daily to update you with how your pet is doing.

Info You Need To Know Before Scheduling Your Pet’s Transport:



Overview of Our Transportation Process

  • We offer both private transports and shared transports.

Private transports are direct routes to the client, from pickup location to delivery location. This transport can be costly.

Shared transports are a more budget-friendly option. This transport is NOT a direct route. Shared transports have multiple pickup and delivery locations before reaching your pet’s final destination. Please note this prior to booking the shared transport option.


Basic Requirements

  • Veterinarian Health Certificate. The USDA requires us to have this for our records. We recommend asking for 2 copies: one copy for our records and one copy for your delivery location. You can get this from your veterinarian.
  • Food for your pet during transport. The amount of food needed will vary depending on your pet and the length of their transport/travel time. We recommend food be placed in Ziploc bags (1-gallon size). Please note we cannot take full bags of food, as space will be limited. The average amount of food sent per pet is 2-3 bags.


 Optional Items You Can Add

  • Extra items: Examples include toys, blankets, leashes, etc. You may send no more than (1) reusable grocery bag full of these items. You may send a leash for the delivery location but we use our slip leads during transport.
  • Shot records: We will file these and give them to your delivery location.


Things to Know

  • We operate with 2 drivers during transport – This allows one person to spend time with the pets more often to ensure they are socializing and clean kennels faster while in motion.
  • Full Vaccinated Puppies and Adult Dogs are let out every 4-6 hours for potty breaks and to get exercise. We also clean the kennels during this time.
  • Unvaccinated Puppies will not be let outside to touch the ground. Your puppies will, however, be socialized with us and be held by us throughout the transport inside the vehicle. We will also be sanitizing our hands between handling each puppy. When letting pets out, no pets meet each other (an exception is made if they are from the same household). Regardless of how friendly a pet may seem, no pets are let out together.
  • Feedings are done mornings and evenings. All kennels have food and water bowls hanging on the doors. We monitor their water bowls to make sure they are filled frequently and monitor the food bowls to make sure they are eating. Note that it is very common for a pet to not eat the first couple of days during transport.
  • Our drivers sleep in the van when there are multiple pets being transported. If there are only a couple pets, our drivers will stay at a pet friendly hotel and bring the pets inside with them in their kennels.
  • We give you daily updates each morning with an update on how your pet is doing, as well as a picture of your pet! Our morning updates are based on our current location and time zone, so if you are on the east coast while we are one the west coast, you will get your update later in the afternoon).
  • Pets with Anxiety If your pet has an anxiety issue, we give them extra attention, and the person not driving the van will spend extra time sitting with them.

Dates for Pickup and Delivery

  • *Please Note*: all dates given are ESTIMATES. Our pets being transported can take anywhere from 2-10 days on average depending on the locations. Each shared transportation is different, and we will not be able to give you an exact timeframe until the route schedule has been completed. This is usually the day before the route is scheduled to start as we always have last minute bookings. We have many factors that can result in delays for delivery. These may include weather mostly during the winter months and availability of clients at time of delivery or pickup.

How to Contact Your Drivers

  • The drivers have a designated phone onboard for direct contact with the clients. We prefer texting, as phone calls can be difficult due to animal barking and vehicle noises. The person not driving will be responding.  This also allows drivers to respond quickly if they are out walking dogs or cleaning a kennel. Driver response may take up to 2 hours depending on their current activity and/or the of day you contact them and up to 8 hours if contacted overnight while they are sleeping. Please also consider time zone differences when awaiting your drivers’ response.

Bookings added after a route has started

  • Please note that if you book a pet transport once the route has started, you MUST meet at a location such as a truck stop on the direct route. This means that both Pickup and Delivery clients MUST be willing to meet at a location directly on the route, no exceptions. We have this policy to ensure we stay on schedule for the rest of our clients on this pre-scheduled route. Add-on clients will also need to be flexible for their pickup and/or delivery times*.

Our Transport Vehicles and Kennels

  • We use 2018 Ram Promaster 1500 high top cargo vans. These vehicles feature a roof mounted A/C unit and a heat unit for a fully climate-controlled cargo area.
  • We use raised floor kennels for our puppy kennels to help keep them clean and up out of their pee and poop.
  • For pet cleanings: We have a sprayer onboard and a grooming blow dryer.
  • For pet drinking water: We have a 9-gallon capacity water holding tank onboard to ensure we always have plenty of water and top it off regularly.
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