855PETLIFT Terms and Conditions


1 Transportation Information from Client

1a – Seller or Pick-up Location Information – The name, phone number, and address that the pet(s) will be picked-up for transportation.
1b – Pet Information – All the pertinent information concerning the pets to include name, type animal, breed, age, weight and travel issues.
  1c – Notifications – Does the seller want to be notified daily of the delivery progress? The person receiving the animal will automatically be notified daily of the transportation      progress, but sometimes the person selling the pet also wants to be notified.
1d – Pet Food – If the animal runs out of food before they are delivered, what type of dry pet food do we need to acquire?
1e – Medicine and Medical Care – Please provide any instructions we need to follow to ensure the well-being of your animal. If your medicine needs to be placed inside a cooler, please let us know that.
1f – Delivery Information – A primary and alternate person and their phone numbers are listed here. Also, where is the animal being delivered.
1g – Miscellaneous Items – List any items you are sending with the pet. Dog bowls, leashes, toys, etc.
1h – Expedite Delivery – If the receiver can meet us within 100 miles of the delivery address, would you be willing to do so? This could expedite receiving your animal, and we will coordinate with you to find a suitable new delivery spot. By agreeing to expedite the delivery of your animal, this does not change the previously agreed upon transportation costs.
1i – Pick-up and Delivery Times – By understanding our clients schedules, this helps us in the planning stages when we design our transportation itinerary. We will also know if we can call you at 3:00am, or need to wait until 8:00am, to pick-up or deliver your animal.


2 Transporter Information

2a – Estimated Date Range for Delivery – When we are building our delivery itinerary, we provide a date range for pick-up and delivery. The reason we cannot provide an actual date, versus a date range, is complicated since we normally travel over 10,000 miles per trip and many unforeseen events can, and usually do, happen. The terms and conditions go into greater details concerning our delivery process.
2b – Transportation Costs – The fees associated with the transportation, the up-front deposit from the client, any incidental fees (covered in Terms and Conditions), and remaining balance due upon delivery. If delivery is unable to happen the pet will be returned to the boarding facility in Ohio and you will be charged $25 per day per pet until you obtain your pet. 

3 Signatures

855PETLIFT, and the Client, need to sign the Transportation Agreement to ensure everyone understands and agrees to the terms and conditions for any sale. This will only need completed one time and will remain in affect for any future transports. 

What we will provide

     Care and dignity of your pet

1 Our main mission is to get your pet safely to its new home while treating your pet with the care and dignity they deserve. This includes:
2 Proving a safe travel environmental for your pet in one of our sturdy clean kennels. In addition, we will supply bedding, bowls, water, walking leashes, kitty box and litter, and absorbent pads as needed.
3 For dogs we stop every four to six hours of travel at a state designated rest area to let your pet out to walk, and use the dog walkways. For cats we provide a litter box in their carrier, and we ensure it is scooped at each rest area.
4 During this stop, we ensure you pet is watered, fed, and provided any medical attention that you have indicated in section 2.4 (Medicine and Medical Care).
5 if you pet has an accident between rest areas, we will make an immediate stop in the nearest town to clean your pet, and the kennel, before continuing to our next destination.



1 Once the trip commences, we will notify you, or your alternate, Daily about our trip progress, your pets health, eating habits, or any potty issues that may be of concern to us and to you.
2 We will be letting you know our daily trip progress, when we believe we should be in your area the next day, and when we are approximately an hour away from your destination.
3 In rare cases, there could be incidental costs (see section 3.2). If so, we will notify you that your final bill will be adjusted.
4 Please wait to let us contact you, as we may be driving, cleaning kennels, or walking dogs and may not be able to give you the full attention you deserve.


What we require from you

Age Requirements
1 All dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age to be transported.

1 A valid USDA Interstate health certificate issued by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine within 10 days of transport, covering the entire pet transportation. Our drivers cannot pick-up animals for transport without this certificate according to USDA transporting regulations. If this document is not available at the time of pickup, the 50% upfront fees are non-refundable. However, the remaining transport fees will be waived.
2 For Canadian Transports:

You are responsible for completing all the appropriate forms and the duty cost will be added to your final bill, as it must be paid for at the time of crossing the border.
All Canadian transports must have a rabies certificate signed by a veterinarian for animals over 12 weeks of age, and a health certificate as mentioned above.
Canadian taxes are due prior to pick-up and can be paid in Canadian funds. We require proof of payment for your animal. We need a copy of the money transfer, PayPal, or however you paid for your animal to show to customs.
Please ensure the name and date of birth match on all documents for Canadian imports.
Any registration papers should be filled out to the new owner, not just signed.
In the event we are denied entry to Canada, the owner (receiver), must make arrangements to collect their animal(s) on the USA side. We cannot ever guarantee we will be granted entry. No refunds will be provided, unless it is our error that gets us denied entry.
There will be an additional transport fee, if we have to return to Ohio and transport for a second time.


1 Please ensure your pet has the necessary food to last the duration of the trip. We request that dry food be put in a clear zip-lock bag with your pet’s name and destination written on it with an indelible black marker.

Medicine and Medical Care

1 Please ensure your pet has the necessary medical supplies to last the duration of the trip. This includes medicine, needles, and any other items that are necessary for the well-being of your pet. We request that any medical supplies be put in a clear zip-lock bag with your pet’s name and destination written on it with an indelible black marker.
2 In the unfortunate event that your pet requires medical attention during the transport, this agreement is providing us the authority to seek professional care as deemed necessary. We will make every effort to contact you prior to taking any emergency actions, but if you are unavailable, we will use our discretion to ensure the well-being of your pet. All charges incurred for veterinary care will be your responsibility to pay.


Miscellaneous Items

1 We will supply crates, bedding, bowls, water and walking leashes. Our space is limited so we cannot take personal crates, totes or other large objects. However, you can send a toy or blanket to make the pet more comfortable. Please ensure you label the item with the pet’s name and provide a brief description. Just saying, “Lease”, if we have eight leashes, does not help. However, saying, “Kong, blue leash” helps to clarify.


Delivery Information

1 Please understand that the delivery schedule provided to you up-front before the transportation commences is an estimate and can change. We provided you a seven-day window without a delivery time. The reason for this varies to include weather, road maintenance or closures, traffic jams, human or pet emergencies, vehicle issues, or other unforeseen events. Most of our trips take anywhere from ten to fifteen days and as unforeseen events happen, the later the delivery on our schedule, the greater the slippage impact. In addition, each trip varies in the route taken, so we might be traveling to different states each time we make our itinerary. Lastly, once the trip starts, we may be diverted to different cities, or states, as new last-minute clients are added to the schedule.
2 The reason we are mentioning the above is that we are asking for your patience and understanding. We have had a few clients that call us three or more times a day, and if we are stuck in bad weather, traffic or other unforeseen events, we cannot give you a good estimated time of delivery. Once we are safely traveling on the road again, we will contact you, or your alternate, once a day to inform you of your pets’ condition and where we are in route. Please understand, we may not know the exact day your pet will be delivered until we are approximately one day from your location. We will be contacting you daily on our progress, and we will let you know when we believe we can safely reach your location the following day. At that time, we may give an estimated time of arrival. If this time changes based upon unforeseen events, we will again notify you. Once we are approximately one hour from your location, we will again contact you.


Contacting Us

1 Once the delivery route starts, please do not contact us via text message. The owner of 855PETLIFT, the primary scheduler, and point of contact (Ms. Kellee Murley), is also a delivery person on our transport, which means she shares the driving responsible. In most states, texting and driving is illegal, but more than that it puts the driver, passenger, other people on the road, your pet(s) and other’s pets at risk of an accident. We pledge to contact you daily, once the trip commences. However, if you must contact us, please call Ms. Murley at 1-(937) 321-5576 or 855-PET-LIFT (855-738-5438) She can safety talk to you via a hands-free device.
2 If you insist on texting, please be aware she will not reply back until she is sitting in the passenger seat, which may be several hours later.
3 Also, please be considerate of the hours you contact us, as we are based out of Ohio which is on Eastern Standard Time, but during the trip we cross time zones and an innocent 9:00AM call for you might be 6:00AM in the morning for us. (We do stop periodically to sleep in hotels.) If you need to contact us while we are on the road, please do so between noon and 9:00PM EST.



1 Upfront Payment
The entire trip cost is based upon an algorithm of distance and animal size. Once you request a quote, the estimated total cost should be provided to you either verbally, or in writing. Before we can schedule your pet for transport, 50% of the estimated total cost needs to be paid up-front. See Payment Options, for more details on how to make the payment.


Incidental Costs

1 In rare cases, some incidental costs may occur, in which you will be responsible for paying on the final bill. Some examples of incidental costs could include:
2 Your pet destroys our kennel (We will replace the kennel in route and add it to your bill)
3 Your pet destroys our leash. (We will replace the leash in route and add it to your bill)
4 Any addition food or medical supplies that need to be purchased for your pet.
5 If we must seek professional medical attention, and cannot get a hold of you, we will pay the bill on your behalf and then add this amount to your final bill.
6 For Canadian transport the duty cost will be added to your final bill as it must be paid for at the time of crossing the border.
7 If any incidental costs are incurred, we will notify you in route what occurred, and the new final bill cost.


Final Bill

1 In most cases, the final bill will the same amount as the up-front cost, which is 50% of the total bill. But, as mentioned in section 3.2, it is possible that the final bill could include incidental costs occurred during transport.
2 The final payment is due upon delivery of your pet(s).


Right of Transport Refusal Reasons and Costs

1 Once we are at the pick-up location, we claim the right of refusal to transport your pet(s) under the following circumstances, and will collect the below associated fees:

     A valid USDA Interstate health certificate is not available.

     If the pet has obvious health, or behavior issues such as aggressiveness. 

     The pet has fleas, or ticks.

     If the client or representative is unavailable for pick-up after repeated attempts by our delivery personnel. (We will wait for one hour.)



1 Prior to the transport trip commencing, cancellations will not incur any fees, and 100% of any funds collected will be returned up to 1 week prior.  Deposits are non refundable if canceling within 1 week of route start.
2 If you need to cancel a transport, please notify us ASAP to avoid paying the cancellation fee, and to allow us to properly plan our routes.

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